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Customers Testimonials

Great insoles! I've tried many, and these are the best. However, I recommend ordering one size up. If needed, you can always trim them down to fit. Best regards Rose❤️

Rose P.

Since I got these insoles, my heel pain has become much less frequent. I would definitely buy them again. I've also recommended them to my brother, which says a lot! 😂

Thomas K.

Since I've been wearing them for about a week now, I've noticed that my foot pain has subsided. Thery are comfortable to wear and can only recommend them.

I'm thrilled with the positive impact the insoles have had on my feet. I used to have pain often, but since I've been wearing them, I feel much better. I feel really comfortable when wearing them, and that's what's most important to me. I'm convinced that these insoles will help anyone who has similar problems to mine. I'm completely satisfied and give them a clear recommendation💖

Lina B.